In September 2010, Bev and Dick Webster moved from Ottawa ON to the New Glasgow area of Nova Scotia and purchased the Forbes homestead on Rose Heath Lane in Little Harbour. Bev was returning to her roots with family in New Glasgow while Dick moved closer to his siblings now living in Dartmouth.

We had a dream of opening a Bed and Breakfast and commenced renovating the building. Being new to the area we had to find reputable contractors and suppliers. Most of the contractors we approached had commitments that tied them up for an extended period. So the renovations took a lot longer than expected.

Over the next two and half years thinking green and eco-friendly were paramount as things developed.

  • The basement walls were completely insulated and waterproofed.

  • The building was completely re-plumbed and a new electrical panel and wiring were installed.

  • A Geo-thermal furnace was installed providing heat in the cold months, air-conditioning in the warm months and a source of at least half of the hot water required for bathing, laundry, and dish-washing etc. As well new air ducts from the furnace were installed with individual guest room control for heating or cooling.

  • An air-exchanger was installed which removes stale air from the house an replaces it with fresh air from outdoors in conjunction with the continuous operation of the low-speed fan on the furnace..
  • Almost all (98%) of the lighting was converted to Compact Florescent (CFL), florescent, or Light Emitting Diode (LED) type of bulbs.
  • New Low-E argon filled windows and doors replaced 90% of the 18 wooden windows and doors in the building.
  • Dual-flush toilets were installed.
  • The building has six-inch exterior walls but only a small percentage were insulated. Now all the walls are filled with cellulose or fibreglass insulation.
  • The kitchen was totally renovated and energy efficient appliances replaced and upgraded the originals.
  • Five bedrooms were converted to two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and an office.
  • A screened porch with full-view windows was added to the west side of the building.

Our dream has came true.

We have been in operation since June 2013.

The overall result is a bed and breakfast with a Four and a half Star rating from Canada Select and now a 9.9 rating from